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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Where did staggering around in fields get me?

.......apart from muddy knees and frostbite? It got me the unexpected! A seam of gravelly sandy clay deposited by a glacier thousands of years ago. And what's better, the icing on the potters cake, si that unlike the gault and everything else I've found it ISN'T full of calcium carbonate and therefore useable. Time to get off my knees and start seiving.......


  1. Ah, looks good. How plastic is it? I was beginning to worry that you hadn't found your way out of that featureless flat field.

    Wouldn't mind a final pic of your little kiln, if you don't mind. Would like to see how the door works and where you've put the burners.

  2. Good to hear from you Potterboy. I'll email a photo of the kiln though you are welcome to see it any time.
    It did take me several days to find some kind of feature that I could use to navigate away from to escape. Long long days............

  3. If you lived in this part of France you'd be on your hands and knees to find a piece of earth that wasn't clay! I've fired clay straight from the garden. It starts out ochre colour and at 1260 it's bubbled and dark red but not completely melted. But not very good when it comes to digging new flower beds!

  4. Aah - I dream of wandering out into my garden and being able to dig some useable clay.......Sadly the soil here is pretty good for vegetable gardens and ironically I'd only find the enthusiasm to dig it over if I was collecting clay.