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Monday, 4 June 2012

Unpacking day

Went up to the kiln early to check the temp and found the lock forced on my shed and my chainsaw stolen. I was hoping that this was not an omen for the firing and.........it wasn't!!!!! Quite a few new glazes and clay bodies in there, so quite a high potential for disaster but as I sit here typing this I am very very happy. Some absolute stunners in there and some good results from new materials. This is glazed with blends of rocks from Galloway, when I visited Hannah. The granodiorite is pretty high in iron, hence the dark colours, but luckily I found another lower iron igneous rock to soften the tones. This next one is amazingly blue - it's such a pleasant surprise when that happens. Most of the failures were one particular glaze, which I developed from Haytor KSpar (that I painstakingly separated by hand) and suffered truly appalling melon skin. Will take photos + post. Now a goos few days of grinding and cataloging and photo taking. Will post more proper images when I have them.


  1. Flip, that top one is pretty fine indeed!

  2. That blue is amazing.
    Sorry about your chainsaw. I tire of theft. It is the antithesis of art.