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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Excellent firing!

After a couple of days grinding I've had the chance to look more carefully at the pieces that came out of the firing. It doesn't seem to have been quite as heavily reduced as previously (less carbon trapping in the body away from the firebox) but there was good consistent reduction throughout the kiln. I adapted a few of the glazes after the last firing and most of these worked very well - slightly less fluid, so less shine and more crystal growth with the ash. Still plenty of chun development too, which I'm very happy about. This first is from the front of the firebox. All Dartmoor materials with heavily textured surface. It has some fantastic colour variations on it. The blue is from a partial glaze developed from dartmoor granite that has reacted well with the ash deposits during the firing. The second is also from Dartmoor, a bit further back in the pack, and a very low silica glaze that reacts rather like a shino. When it fluxes it can produce beautiful blue/green drips. The third pot has the same glaze but was at right up at the front of the pack. It was buried in the embers for most of the firing and has some remarkable alumina pinks and a highly crystalline surface. The fourth piece was from the main chamber. It is glazed with a combination of glazes developed from three different igneous rocks that I collected from Galloway in Scotland. It was the first time I had put these glazes in a wood firing and they came out way above my expectations. Generally quite high in iron (intermediate rocks) but one of them produces a lovely subtle pale green.

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