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Thursday, 28 June 2012

More lovely clay

What a beautiful spot! On my trip down to Devon I visited Doug, to see him of course, and to get my hands on some of the clay he has been talking about. This image is of the small stream running along the valley near his workshop.......and here is the clay.
It's lovely and plastic with very little residue in it, but a seeming medium to high iron content. My initial theory is that it is a contaminated clay deposit that had its origins in the decomposed granite of dartmoor as it lies roughly along the Sticklepath fault. After this I headed further up the fault line to the north Devon clay deposits (past the sadly closed Meeth deposit (which is for sale if anyone has a spare £550,000). The clays here have travelled some distance from their Dartmoor origins. The clay particles have been bashed around more in transport, are smaller and therefore very plastic. This is an exposed face showing about 6 different seams.
Let the tests begin.....

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