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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Shameless Plug

Back home after a very good Ceramic Art London show at the weekend. It's good to see such a broad variety of ceramics and international makers, and such high quality work. With this as a deadline, I produced a booklet containing
an essay describing my process and the inspirations for my work, illustrated with photographs of recent work alongside some of the places that I go to to collect materials.
The price is £10, including P+P to the UK mainland. To buy a copy, or enquire about overseas postage, please follow the email link on my website homepage.

Now home, with stand flatpacked and put away, it's time to continue with my research into homemade refractory castable mixes and clay bodies suitable for longer midrange woodfirings. It is much harder to find any variety of fireclays in the UK than it was a few years ago - I suppose as coal mining has almost finished and stockpiles of fireclay are dwindling. If anyone reading this has any information about UK fireclays please contact me!

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