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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Galerie de L'Ancienne Poste

As the wind howls fiercely across the country I feel lucky to have chosen to drive to France and back using the Tunnel rather than ferry.
Last week I packed up the car with work from the last two firings and drove down to Toucy, south of Paris, to deliver work to the Galerie de L'Ancienne Poste for my solo exhibition there. The work was set up for the opening on Saturday giving me time to explore the beautiful town.
We were staying in a gite overlooking the south of the town and the impressive church at its centre, amid narrow cobbled streets and some beautiful old buildings. The local patisseries and cafes gave me far too much opportunity to realise how much French I have forgotten through years of lack of use. I spent much time scrabbling through a ridiculously small English/French phrasebook trying to decipher menus and simple conversation, resolving to re-learn the language.
Our hosts, Isabelle and Christophe, were extremely hospitable and it was a real pleasure having time to dine and talk with them - luckily (and embarrassingly) their English was far better than my French!
The opening was on Saturday evening, which went very well. It was good to meet some of the new owners of my work and see their reaction to the exhibition.
I took these photos on the Sunday morning at 10am just before the long trip home.
If you live near to Toucy or are visiting France, please go along to the gallery. It shows great examples of my work and it's so much better to see it in the flesh than in photos.

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