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Monday, 13 February 2012

Polar opposite

The 'polar' part of the title does actually refer to the siberian conditions of my workshop, where the glazes have solidified and my hands seem to have become a permanent shade of blue. I fired the big gas kiln on Friday and the gas bottles are STILL frozen. Not a very pleasant experience, despite the arctic beauty and excellent beer, but the firing was very good.
Along with various components for my display at CAL and further tests on some of my most stubbornly difficult materials, I had some samples for a Japanese restaurant that is being opened by a 3 michelin star chef in London. After months of grinding and crushing and coping with smallish amounts of unusual materials I went back to the porcelain to make functional pots again. these three are lidded containers for a particular starter. Apologies for the poor photo but I have to pack them now to go + haven't time to set up the photography equipment.
I have nearly everything for CAL (still can't quite believe it) and will post some images v. soon.

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