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Thursday, 1 December 2011

At last - some pots!

I unpacked the kiln last week and set all the pots out in my workshop. Many of them are pretty scarred and crusty with wadding and run glazes so there's plenty of grinding to do. But I have been so delighted with the results and so stressed that they might disintegrate that I've been leaving them alone till all the crazing has subsided. A few pieces (from Leicestershire materials) have auto destructed (dunted) but the rest seem fine. So.... a little tentative grinding today.

These two were from the front of the kiln - up by the firebox. The ash deposits have a yellow/gold crystallisation, which could be from the Hornbeam I used along with the Beech. I'll see next time when I'll fire with the rest of the Hornbeam.

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