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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Fired and opened!

I started the firing last Thursday at 7am and finished a bit earlier than usual, at around 2.30pm on Friday. Andy came over to help, which was great. I did a slightly looser pack at the front than usual with only one level of shelves. There was also an extra foot on the chimney and I refitted the grate area at the front. The firing itself went very well. Nice and smooth up to around 1100C then still a bit of a nudge to get it up to cone 9 down throughout, which we managed by around 8pm. A night of slow soaking, then gradual temperature rise till cone 12s down. This is usually another nudge but was pleasantly relaxed this time. Less reduction than the usual and then a few days of nail biting.

Today was the big day + with my heart in my mouth I opened it up. The photo is the view from the front, which is usually the best spot. The lesser reduction had made a difference here, which isn'r quite as good BUT the rest of the firing seems (so far) mercifully very good - especially considering it was really a very large test firing!
More images later.....


  1. gorgeous turquoise - at least that is wht it looks like on my screen.


  2. oooh eeeee looking very exciting Matt.