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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Ou est ici?

Hmmmm. Je ne suis pas sure que ma Francais est any bon at all.

Peut etre my O'level Franglais has given it away.... White sand, cloudy, geologically intricate igneous coastline? Could well be Cornwall but if I mention that after this walk I washed down a plate of gloriously fresh huitres with un bouteille de delicious Muscadet you will know that it is that geologically linked area in France, North Brittany.

It was a holiday of course, but a man in search of rocks is never really on holiday and when I saw the pink granite that the area is famous for, sculpted into these amazing Henry Moore'ish shapes I couldn't resist.

I must've been the only person on the ferry to Dover who had his car weighed down with rock rather than cases of tasteless beer and Australian wine.
I wasn't intending to collect anything here but the beaches were amazing for the variety of rock pebbles that were piled up. Granite (pink and white), schist, mica schist, slate, dolorite, great beautiful slabs of quartz and loads of others that I can't identify. Certainly the richest variety of materials in one small area that I have found so far. It's the first place that I have managed to find everything I would need to make a series of glazes in one square metre.
Oh yes the holiday was fine....good swimming, great food and wine, Belgian beer, historic towns, BUT WOW...You should see the rocks!!!


  1. Glad I'm not the only one who returns home from a holiday anywhere with mostly photos of rocks. You can't beat a good rock seam.

  2. Hey John - good to hear from you!!! Hope all is well. We should meet up and I'll show you my rocks.