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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Many many hours later......

.....after rock crushing, clay crushing, blunging, stiffening, making and glazing I am finally almost ready for a wood firing!!!!

Very exciting. After many gas test firings it is now time to see how all these materials behave in a wood firing. The kiln is all cleaned out from ash, wadding and red admiral butterflies(!), and I've made the most of this (sadly rare) sunny day to get all the wood ready.

Beech this time - perhaps the last of it (depends how much I use). Next time will be hornbeam, which I haven't fired with before.
The kiln is two chamber but as it is a sort of test firing I am going to brick off a lot of the second chamber so I am only really using the firebox area. Hopefully this will work well - just have to see. I will try and post a video of the firing.....


  1. Oh how exciting.

    It will be great to see what happens in the firing.

    I'm now feeling much stronger and making buttons and the like. I don't think I'll be throwing until the spring - being very realistic.

    But planning on firing the kiln for the first time in October.

    I'm already getting excited!


  2. About time too.
    It has been a strange year not seeing your work on show at the different shows, you have been missed.

  3. Thanks Susan + John! I'll let you know how it all goes.....