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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I've got a tan.......guess where I am.

It's a beach and this is bank holiday Monday, so definitely not anywhere in East Anglia.
Clue: it was a scene of violent carboniferous upheaval, where the local sedimentary rocks were ripped and split apart by a giant volcano with numerous plugs, dykes, sills and laccoliths.
Clue 2: James Hutton developed his theory of geology here and there is a section of rock named after him.
Yes indeed....it can only be Edinburgh - but look at the sky! What a total pleasure it was fossicking in this area.

This rounded dome is a microgranite batholith. I'm ashamed to say that after 2 days of climbing and walking I only reached halfway up the side of this.
Now home, with another carload of samples and preparing for another day with the Cambridge archeologists......


  1. Ahhh Is that where Hutton's Unconformity is? I always thought it was on Arran for some reason.

  2. Hi Hannah,
    I think Hutton had many unconformaties - he was King of the Unconformaties! ..but the named one is in Edinburgh at Holyrood Park.