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Sunday, 8 May 2011

It's over......

......no no, settle back....it really is Over. Near Cambridge. The site of one of the largest open quarries in the UK, and also one of the 2 largest sites of mesolithic, neolithic, bronze age and iron age flint tools. In fact, while I was seiving through a large pile of sand I found a mesolithic flint blade that was napped between 6.5 and 10 thousand years ago.
The image shows students working on the site, excavating fire pits etc. In the morning they napped flints and used them to skin rabbits, then had a go at pit firing pots that they had made. It was carnage! It was reassuring to be an onlooker and realise that I do actually know something after all.
I was there to get my hands on some of the Oxford clay, which sits under the gravels, flints and the sand there. I checked out some of the river clays that had been deposited later but here they were far too high in organic matter to be any use.
Back home the ball mill is running at full pelt. I've broken my steel mortar and pestle(!) so there's welding to be done and then it's out with the syringes for biaxials from Scotland......

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  1. biaxials,from scotland,sounds a bit suspect.Only joking,perhaps you could explain this wizarding process to us all.
    Have you also checked out the amazing images of egypt,whole cities have been discovered under the soil,truly amazing.Love your pots.