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Friday, 11 February 2011

Too much beer and then Ebay

Well at midnight after a few too many Fullers ESB's anything looks like a bargain! This little beauty caught my fancy. A cast iron corn mill. If only I had a tractor to run it from.....but I've cleaned it up and it is all set to become a fantastically useful tool in my future career as a rock crusher. I've tried it out manually(!) with some calcined granite and it's pretty good.
I haven't blogged for a while and it's because I've been busy creating a map of the Alps on my hands entirely out of blisters with a mortar and pestle making up series of lineblends and biaxials from the samples I got in Leicestershire.

Who would've thought that so much work could be reduced to such a small photo? Everything is loaded up into the test kiln and tommorow I'm doing a couple of consecutive firings - test reduction to cone 9 and a biscuit in the big kiln. I hope I don't get confused between the two!


  1. God, you've got all the best toys. That is neat. But it isn't at all like the one Nic has. Hope you'll post pics of the tests. Lots of blue in there.