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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

First results

So, this is what happens when you heat up parts of Leicestershire! Various igneous rocks here next to preliminary melt and glaze tests. Yes there's a lot of brown, but I think it's going to be a dark area. High in iron. But there is significant variation in the samples that I've collected.
The next image shows a biaxial from one of the darker rocks, varying quartz and dolomitic limestone.

The following images are lineblends from two of the areas I've collected from. Darker results from Leicestershire of course, but starting to get some subtler results including, would you beleive it, a blue(ish) celadon and a lovely deep green.
The clay tests didn't fare quite so well - I might photograph them once I've scraped/ground them off my poor kiln shelves!


  1. Looks interesting. Pity about the clay samples - are these new ones or the ones I saw?

  2. Third photograph, second column, those greens are beautiful, the bottom one looks like it has a rutile base.


  3. Thanks for your comments. The clay tests are the ones you saw - in a puddle!
    The greens are particularly nice, but no rutile, just a blend of 2 rocks with limestone. There could well be titanium in one of them but I don't think so.