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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Who says men can't multitask?

After the incessant rain of yesterday it was a pleasure to continue packing the kiln in clear skied sunshine. Chilly, yes, but no time to worry about fridge cold wadding on my fingers.
I'm taking my time to pack the kiln - many pots are glazed but I'm continuing to glaze as I got - getting the best pack I can with the most appropriate clays, slips and glazes for each part of the packing space. Feeling unseasonally full of energy I decided to do a glaze firing in the gas kiln as well today. Pretty simple really to balance the two - until reduction time when the kiln suddenly became atypically unresponsive. One of the flame failure devices had given up
resulting in frantic repair work to get the burner back on. Finally I was back on track with a slow temperature rise in gentle reduction. Kiln packing continued along with a delivery that needed unpacking and hauling up to my workshop, gas delivery and the last of the rocks dry milling and needing seiving.
I'm typing one handed, holding a glass of excellent Rioja, as I write this. Aching slightly, but feeling nicely chilled and chuffed as I mull over all the things I did today. The firing finished smoothly, with an oxidised soak - cone 10 half down. The front chamber of the kiln is packed, and I'm halfway up the left hand stack in the back chamber. 2 days down, maybe only 1 to go.

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