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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Winter sun

It's a beautiful winters day - clear blue skies and above freezing - so hopefully the ground and my woodpiles will start drying out so that I can start sawing and splitting wood.
I'm back in the workshop having finished the article I'm writing for Ceramic Review on my firing with Svend Bayer.

 I've also finished grinding all the successful work from the firing and have taken photographs of it , so I thought I'd put some up here.
This large platter is glazed with rocks from Edinburgh, including Arthurs Seat basalt.

This one is glazed using the oldest rocks in England - over 700 milliion years old. They are metamorphosed igneous rocks and Silurian limestone from the Malverns in Worcestershire.
The rocks seem to be quite weathered + so much more refractory than I would have expected. This glaze needs to be placed in  the  hot spots of the kiln.

This piece is glazed with rocks from Cumbria. I'm aprticularly pleased with this as it has captured the somewhat fleeting qualities that can be got from these rocks really well. The glaze is highly varied: aqua, electric blue and purples with white crystallisation.

These last are made from Dartmoor materials with a very dark body made up from an impure secondary kaolin.

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