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Saturday, 9 November 2013

A hint...

Just a hint of new work that will be going into the next firing.

Layers of darker clays and pale slips that will hopefully provide a varied backdrop to the glazes that will go on top.

These are a very coarse body that I
make up using a secondary kaolin that has derived from Dartmoor granite, and is particularly prone to cracking in the bisque. Solution, fingers well crossed and a very slow bisque firing with lots and lots of ventilation.

Everything is now made for the firing, including the setters, so now comes rock crushing and milling in preparation for the glazes.

Here is the little test kiln filled with rocks, ready for a quick heat up to around 700C to calcine them, amking them (slightly) easier to crush.
My shoulder muscles are going to get a real work out over the next few days. Everything needs to be down to grit size (aroung 3mm max) before it can go in the ball mill.

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