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Monday, 3 June 2013

Sun, sawdust and the Pit

Almost eight months after first planning to do this, instead of rain the sun was shining beautifully and everyone from my morning Throwing Classes turned up with assorted bags of sawdust, straw, bicarbonate of soda and dried seaweed for the now legendary Pit Firing.
It's been dug into the ground, lined with old and now unusable kiln shelves from my dismantled salt kiln and built up with bricks. If we get enough temperature I'm hoping the kiln shelves might fume + add to the flashing?

It was filled up to the top of the kiln shelves, covered with sawdust and woodchip + then a raging bonfire built up on top to get a good bed of hot embers.
Then it was covered with corrugated iron + left to burn through. It's nearly 6pm now + still very hot + smouldering.

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