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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Farewell old Salty

It's STILL cold and it was snowing again today. I've totally forgotten what it feels like to feel warm and not have to go outside wearing every single item of clothing I own. In between getting everything ready for Ceramic Art London and while I am firing my last few things I've been dismantling my salt kiln. I haven't fired it for a long time and, considering the price of gas, it is far too expensive to fire. It's been coming apart much more easily than I thought it might. Only the lower arch bricks are too corroded to be reused. Most of the bricks are these strange 1 inch thick slivers I got cheap when I returned to the UK. My plan is to build another wood kiln - different design + smaller volume - for doing some more experimental firings. I'll need quite a few new bricks but there's a start here. I will use the salted bricks for the flue + back up and the other way round.

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