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Monday, 11 February 2013

I can't believe I'm packing in the snow!

It's true. Mixing wadding with a blizzard flurrying around my kiln. My hands have been numb all day.
Here's the front - firebox section. I'm sharing the kiln with Andy - my firing friend - who has recklessly decided to attempt raw firing in a big way. Fingers crossed.
We are doing a longer firing than the usual 2 dayer - an extra day, or as long as the wood lasts! Starting Wednesday so wish some decent weather for us.


  1. hardest thing to do in the cold, wadding pots! firing will be doubly rewarding! have a good one!

  2. Wednesday we have snow and hail, and lots of cold. Kiln pyrometer does not like -ÂșC so glad kiln is in garage.