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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Splitting Thursday

The rain held off for around 12 hours - just long enough to get some wood preparation done. Andy came over + we spent the day sawing, carting and splitting waterlogged wood.
We are doing a joint firing next up and making it a longer one (three days and two nights) so need much more wood. Half of this is Andy's and it comes with a fantastic selection of mushrooms. Andy seemed to know which the edible ones were (some looked very much like oyster mushrooms) but we didn't risk it.
This is the nightshift stack + is finished. we have about half of the other wood done and piled up in the dry (no nice neat images to show you I'm afraid - not my style). Next week should see it all prepared and we can just hope for a dry spell to stop the mushroom taking over.


  1. Three days and two nights!
    Hope it goes well.

    Oh how can two items next to each other in a gas kiln (no props in the way)end up different colours, one red, and the other - same glaze - totally grey?


  2. Won't be firing till after xmas. Waiting for some better weather.
    Copper red it a fleeting effect - it needs just the right amount of volatile copper in the glaze. Too little (maybe it was closer to the burner?) and it's not red.