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Monday, 16 April 2012

Tests are out of the kiln

This is one of the test tiles fresh out of the kiln - as shown in the previous post. It's a series of lineblends of 5 different rocks from Galloway. The top two are very exciting (for me!). Collected from different places but the rock looks identical. It is an intrusion of very low iron granite. 3 and 4 are two different granites - 4 was intruded at the same time as the Lake district granite that I have on my website, but both are strikingly different. Much higher in iron and not, at first tests, that different from the very dark (when collected) granodiorite in 5.

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  1. I am really facinated by your work and your art. Am I understanding correctly that both the clay body and the glazes come from the same geographic area? Are you adding any colourants that are not found in the geography?
    In any case, the glazes are wonderful as are the forms.