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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ceramic Art London

It's a bit late this, but as soon as I got back from the show, sank my feet into my slippers and reached for my pipe I was viciously assaulted by a bout of flu and am just able to clamber out of my sweaty pit to turn on my computer....
It was a great show! Packed with people and I spent the three days (plus private view) talking almost incessantly about my new work to lots of (hopefully) interested people.

I put photos up on the back wall to illustrate some of the places I have been to to collect materials and included information and samples of the rocks I've used to make the pots. This was to invite questions and certainly worked.

It's always quite stressful presenting new work - never being sure how public an peers will react. Was all that time alone in my workshop focusing on a specific idea REALLY worthwhile and valid or......
Anyway, I am very happy with the response I got. sales were excellent and I got a couple of exhibitions and invitations to lecture about my new work, which is just what I need.
Overall I think the event was the best yet, with very good attendance and a fantastic variety and quality of work on display.


  1. I had the pleasure of visiting CAL and loved the new work. well done!

  2. Well done! Your work is amazing! Hopefully one day I can join you there x