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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Busy busy busy

It's been rather a long time between posts but I've been really rather busy.

This board of tests represents a weeks work! There's a couple of biaxials and some simple fusibility tests. The rest are progressive lineblends, building on previous results and generally incorperating more materials ie becoming more complex. I've spent much time massaging my wrists after serious mortar and pestle work. To releive the monotony I've been calcining, hammering and crushing other collected samples and testing various time lengths of ball milling , wet and dry, to get as 120 mesh sample. OK so it's not going to thrill all of you reading this and you'll probably have to imagine my serene faced satisfaction when holding a jar full of 120 mesh Mountsorrel granodiorite, but oh boy! what a feeling!

Ive also spent time at the geology department of Cambridge University running loss on ignition tests on samples of clays I've collected. I've also prepared samples for the more interesting sounding Laser Particle Size Analysis, and been preparing for my next trip. Off to Devon this coming week.

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